I’m back! Today marks my return to Facebook activity and boy do I have a lot of insight and inspiration. I took a few months off of Facebook to decompress and really get clarity about what boundaries and observations I needed to make here. I’ll blog about it more during the upcoming weeks but here’s a quick look at the highlights:

1) I found that broadcast news, especially BAD news, spread like wildfires here on Facebook and it wasn’t good for my spirit, which is typically one of optimism and nurturing.

2) I found that family members actually CALLED me to see what I was up to! (surprise)

3) I DIDN’T find out about a very dear friend dying… because I wasn’t online to “see” it. I found out MONTHS LATER because I was having lunch with a mutual friend. Heartbreaking, but heartwarming.

4) I grew my business to a higher level, in both income and insight. Weaknesses were deeply exposed and strengths were confirmed. As I continue to repair and strengthen the weaknesses, I am comforted to no longer feel controlled or victimized by them.

5) I released the lure to “be out there” just for the sake of it. And the fear of “being forgotten” by being focused. You know how it is, you have a lot of friends and family posting on Facebook and you know their “true life” is nothing like their “Facebook life” and I worked hard to never become one of those people. Who felt the need to “put on the mask” for the sake of Facebook. So instead, I chose to be silent. Silence is golden.

6) I read more books, met new people, had more down time and had less stress.

7) I was able to focus on relationships, and contribute positive presence to the friend and family situations around me that were breaking, falling apart and spiraling out of control. It was torture to handle and survive, but I did, and they did, and now we all move into winter, and the new year, with a spirit of celebration and victory.

I think I surely missed out on a lot by not being on Facebook, but I gained some perspective as well. I came to understand how I want to use Facebook, and how I want to control it instead of letting it control me. That was groundbreaking.

As someone who is paid to teach and implement marketing, brand identity and positioning, I was taking a big risk. And it paid off. Stay tuned in the coming days as I get gutsy and real honest with my branding decisions. You’ll learn a lot and it will save you time, make you money and keep you in a point of passion and promise.

Ready? Tell me what insights or specific decisions you want me to share and I’ll be sure to address them.

Until tomorrow,


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