One of my clients called me, really feeling low and disappointed about where she is in her business. She was ready to do something DRASTIC that I believe would have just sunk her deeper. Hear what happened and how, by the time I told her what to focus on, she was happy and feeling confident in her business once again (and it didn’t cost her a dime!)

Start with what you know in business growth from Beatrice Johnston on Vimeo.

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    • Kerry Swetmon says:

      Beatrice, when I click on your site, it makes me happy. I love your picture on the Home Page. I appreciate your blog post. And much to my surprise, it is referring to a program that I am actually IN (year 2). I think your post is fair and people really have to find the program that works for them and at the right time. I can honestly say that I WOULD NOT, without question, be where I am in my businesses without this coaching program. Having said that, I am a action-taker and having implemented the teachings of the program to the point of making my money back ten-fold. LITERALLY. But, I do believe your advice is just. The Internet is SWARMING with products and programs and packages. It’s noisy out there and for the people who haven’t yet experienced success, of course you will grasp for the thing that will make the difference. So, people DO need to be cautious & wary – especially when each of the mentors are saying things like “fast action bonus” and “entrepreneurs are decisive.” I personally go off my gut instinct. I’ve learned over the last couple years to trust myself….My inner Self (not my starry eyes:). I believe wholeheartedly in having a coach but not to the detriment of everything else. I believe you’ll know when the right program comes along. It is a highly personal decision. Thanks for letting me share:)

    • Beatrice says:

      Thanks for sharing your input Kerry. You sound very grounded and you do hit the nail on the head: Implement what you learn… that way, you don’t get drawn in my the “marketing speak” of a hyped-up event. Thanks!

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