Brand Strategy Consulting

Reinvent the wheel!

Are you tired of struggling to figure out what makes your offering unique? It’s one of the hardest things about managing a business in the service industry but we’re here to tell you it’s possible. Hotels, spas and insurance agencies have been doing it for decades and now educators and entrepreneurs are cashing in their chips. To stand out in the marketplace you can no longer follow someone elses business model (and it’s almost sudden death to stay stuck in your own). You need to reinvent the wheel, and we can help.

In a this session we will:

    • Uncover the top 3 initiatives needed to achieve your #1 goal in branding or marketing.
    • Identify resources needed to immediately increase your visibility, positioning, or audience and devise sequences for aggressive implementation.

Each session includes a variety of proven templates such as:

  • Editorial and Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Strategy and Roster
  • Brand Style and Language Guide
  • Implementation Resource List
  • Vendor recommendations
  • Marketing Playbook
  • How-To Guides or Videos
  • And more

The Process:

We begin with pre-consultation questionnaire. This is how we get to know you and your needs. Once you return your questionnaire a member of our team will speak with you to clarify any of your responses and schedule your session (typically within 2-3 days). Your session can be done in person, by phone or by video conference and customized to provide direct, actionable guidance towards one of the key goals listed in your discovery.   The time allotted is 90 minutes, and there is a 20 minute follow up call 2-3 weeks after the initial session. A series of sessions are recommended for long-term goals.


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