1-Day Speed Branding Intensive

Are you ready to realize instant gratification with your brand? We can help you launch in just 1 day

Creating a cohesive, consistent, creative brand will help you to gain the visibility and opportunities you need to have a business that’s profitable and purposeful. Branding helps you to attract more lucrative clients, charge more for your products and services, and leverage your business model to match your desired lifestyle without sacrificing your values and vision.

• Would you like to step into a greater level of leadership and stand out in your industry?

• Does your brand persona match your expertise and reputation?

• Is it possible that you’re being turned down for partnerships, opportunities and prospective income because your brand makes you look like an amateur?

Branding has been proven to be the fastest path to cash no matter the business you’re in

What is the 1-Day Speed Branding Intensive? It takes the 3 month agency timeline and delivers it in a single day!

Is that truly possible? It is, and as unbelieveable as it seems we’ve done it over and over and over again with great success. You could have a success story like Dr. Rebecca Blake’s below:

Dr. Rebecca Blake

There is nothing else like the 1-Day Speed Branding Intensive designed by Brand Excitement. In just 8 hours you walk away with the statements, signals and systems you need to have expert credibility and visibility for your business. The full day VIP experience can be conducted personally in our offices, or virtually via Skype with you and/or your team.

How It Works:

The day is divided into two core achievements. For instance, for Track 1, The first half of the day is focused on developing your messaging and brand persona. We develop your name, story, colors, value system, and personality. Those elements set the tone for the signals which will become your visual representation of the brand.

The second part of the day is used to develop your design persona. Yes, it does happen in a day and you will feel as if you’ve been transported into the twilight zone.

You emerge on the other side of that dimension will the foundation to propel your business to the next level.

You’ll see the full brand identity unfold before your eyes as we work side-by-side (or screen-to-screen) developing a unique and engaging suite of collateral to raise your reputation. The end result will be a brand that excites you, compels your clients, and boosts your position in the industry so that you can truly achieve the work you’ve set out to do.

To get started with a Speed Branding Session call us at 1-888-YOU-BRAND or if you’re quick to take action book your session below and we’ll call you right away to get you on the calendar.


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