Good Morning!

I am happy to report that I survived National Entrepreneurship week (and it wasn’t easy). I knew going into it that I might be spreading myself this but boy-oh-boy, was it a whirlwind. The great thing is, it was worth every minute and expense. The week was “slightly” extended with me going to Chicago for a one-day event hosted by my former business coach Fabienne Fredrickson. Being from Chicago I felt that I MUST attend her event, especially because I also have many friends and colleagues in Chicago that I needed to move from “online” friends to “in real life” friends. It was great.

If you saw my Facebook page you read that I missed my flight to Chicago and in order to still make it there in time for the event had to book another flight, on another airline, on the spot. I wavered with this decision for about 10 minutes and then decided what I would miss out on would far outweigh the last-minute ticket, so I did it. From that moment, adrenaline carried me through. Have you ever had a day like that?

Now that I’ve regained my sanity I’m back to working on a few brands and for two of them I’m at my favorite part – the logo creation. You simply MUST know the type of logo you want going into it or your vision simply won’t be realized. I give you insight into that process below so that you can expand or tweak your brand with best practices in mind.

Until next week.

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