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Thanks so much for stopping by to grab my FREE starter kit with 7 Secrets To Creating A Bankable Brand.
If you’re someone who’s just starting your business, or someone who’s been established for several years, this starter kit is for you! You will learn some simple and practical ways to build your business, increase your visibility, have your brand work for you, and get back to the work you most enjoy.

As consumers, we are exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages per day and the top brands were established more than 50 years ago. So, how does a small business entrepreneur compete? By building branding statements, signals and strategies that invite and engage the right audience on an emotional level (oh, btw, 75% of purchases, all purchases, are based on emotion).

Most entrepreneurs launch their business without a brand, and therefore don’t stand out in their marketplace. The process is easy, 7 simple steps that can expand your business whether you’re a startup or a legacy. On this call we’ll move past the brand theory that you’ve probably heard over and over again and into logical and practical actions that can perform to build a brand that does your selling for you.

To set you on the path there are 7 worksheets and an audio recording which help you:

  1. Check your brand name to determine if you can go global
  2. How to establish a value system that resonates with your prospects emotionally
  3. The signals needed at every level of business success to continue the growth cycle
  4. How to manage you brand so that opportunities don’t leak out

As a special bonus, I’m also going to give you a complimentary subscription to my weekly ezine, packed with relevant information to help you boost your brand. The e-zine is delivered on Thursdays and delivers value that you can implement right away.

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