This weekend it’s a family affair. My cousin Ralphael is visiting with me from Chicago for his 28th birthday. Seeing as there’s such an age gap between us I had no idea how I was going to entertain him but the weekend has worked out pretty well.

Like me, he’s very independent and since he’s in his 20’s he considers me a bit of an old geezer, so I had nothing more to do than to point him in the right direction along the way. I think he’s had fun so far (he leaves later today) so since he’s still in bed I’m off to teach the 4 and 5 years old at my church 🙂

I’ve got a good groove going for getting publicity and when opportunities knock, I’m always ready. So, in today’s I’m showing you how to get media ready by outlining the elements you need to have for your electronic press kit. The media doesn’t expect you to scramble for these things after they make a request, they expect them to be ready at your fingertips. Build yours today and be prepared for the opportunity tomorrow.

Also, my Brand Booster reveals the source of my custom name tags that get so much attention. Enjoy!

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