My face lights up every time I meet someone at church and find out they found us online. As a geeky girl, it does my heart good to know that the internet, a tool that can be used for so much selfishness and scam, can be used for God. One of the ways that you can really take advantage of this is by setting up a Facebook page for your church.

Now, having a page up is all fine and dandy, but if you don’t use it and have a variety of content it really won’t work to spread the message and work that you’re trying to achieve. One of the ways I’ve been able to help my church in this is by pulling my corporate experience into the social media matrix.

Here’s what we do: Every day of the week we post 2 different messages. We vary the messages each day of the week and actually have a formula for what we post and when. This gives variety to our community without becoming predictable and stale. If someone was to “study” our page they could definitely figure out the formula, but because there’s so much variety in it, the perception is not formulaic.

Here’s an exercise to start you off for your church’s Facebook page:

1) On Mondays post a thought to focus on for the week

2) On Tuesdays link to an inspirational video. The video can be one that you create, or one that is in alignment with your churches values and mission. (you can create videos easily at

3) On Wednesdays ask a question. Survey your audience and find out something relevant to the message delivered in Sunday’s sermon

4) On Thursdays profile a breakthrough or victory that has happened for a member of the church, a prayer that’s been answered or a miracle witnessed within or outside of the church in popular news

5) On Fridays post an inspirational scripture or passage to lead in for the weekend

6) On Saturdays share an event happening in the community you serve. Make it un-church related. Show that you live within the community and not just within the 4 walls of your church

7) On Sundays share notes for the sermon, or lyrics for a song, or the topic/focus for the day

As you implement this formula you’ll start to see what works for your church and what their needs are. As people start to engage with the page you’ll also see how you need to tweak this formula. Add in what is needed, delete what isn’t. Watch for the impact that your Facebook page has. You’ll be amazed!

(Feel free to watch my church’s page for ideas and inspiration)

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