“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” ~ Oprah

The challenge to attract the right student to the right program has grown more competitive in the past few years than it was for decades prior.

Education matters.

From child development centers to K-12 academies and universities the need for smart partnerships, greater visibility and stronger ambassadorship has never been stronger. To serve more people you need to attract students in new and overlooked regions, engage them while enrolled so that they reach graduation and retain them after graduation through alumni ambassadorship. To do that, your branding must be smart, permeable and durable. It must tell the world who you are, why you are, and how that gets them to where they want to be. You need to convince them that you matter.

How much does education matter? Statistics show that lengthening the level of education reduces crime rates, increases revenue, and extends life an average of 2 years!

We focus on 7 core tiers of brand development. We consider these components to be the most effective in service-based branding initiatives.

+ Naming
Shakespeare was wrong. Everything starts with the right name. Our naming protocol includes originality, legal implications, cultural connotations and memorability.

+ Messaging
We help to create a blueprint for your brand’s voice, core values, promise, language, story, and persona.

+ Platform
What matters most to your organization? What you focus on will lead you to the right partners, vendors, regions, activities and opportunities. This unique positioning allows you to broadcast your mission to the world and everyone in your organization should know it.

+ Visual Design
Memory and retention vary. Most people don’t recall trivial information because everything is at their fingertips. Learning behaviors changed. For visual design to work it must provoke immediate action. Elements must be recognized, but design can and does change. We help you define the elements that lead to the right call to action. Time and time again.

+ Brand Experience
Gain the loyalty of your audience with sensory, intellectual, and behavioral stimuli that are favorable and consistent.

+ Marketing Strategy
We will develop short and long term brand strategy integrating web, social media, app, mobile, and traditional communications

+ Brand Management
The most successful brands take care to assess and align their brand promise on a routine basis. They track, measure and  adjust to ensure the full brand experience is seamless at every turn. Our signature process allows you and your team members to manage the brand with simplicity, ease and efficiency.

We collaborate with educators to drive the excitement needed to attract, engage and retain a strong student body.

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