We live in a visual world. A world where there’s so much transparency that information travels faster than ever. The problem is technology. Information is so abundant that it’s easy to get information overload. Did you know that 75% of what you learn in a workshop, event or class (or even sermon) is forgotten within 24 hours! That’s why it’s really important to communicate with repetition and themes. I’ll have to blog about that next week but for today I want to speak to you about the church intro packet.

Whether your church is large or small I think it’s a great idea to do an intro packet. First of all, let’s cover what the intro packet is not. It is NOT your weekly church program. It’s not your church bulletin or your announcements list. It can include those things, but it’s much more than that.

The Intro packet is a set of information that tells people who are new to your congregation about your mission, your values, your leadership, and how to get in touch with you. Yes, they can find that stuff on the website, but there’s something about having a tangible item in your hands that deepens any experience.

One of the best intro packets I ever received was from the church of an ex-boyfriend. His church was small, about 30 people. I was probably the only visitor to his church that Sunday but the following week I received an intro packet in the mail to the address that I listed on my visitor’s card.

It was lovely. It was a folder with the following items inside it:

  • A hand written Thank-You card telling me that I’m in their prayers and thanking me for visiting with them
  • A brief bio about the pastor, how the church was founded, and their biblical beliefs.
  • A brief update about their service in the community, ongoing volunteer efforts and contact information for their missions teams.
  • A schedule of their services, meetings, youth groups (yes, as small as they were they had one) and trips.

I was delighted, and I still remember the name of that church and how welcomed they made me feel. I visit a lot of churches. Even when I am visiting a new city I’ll find a church to attend, and I can’t count how many I’ve stepped foot in but I can tell you that Rehoboth Pentecostal Church will make you feel welcome and what they believe.

There are a few ways to deliver an intro packet. I don’t think it fits within every church budget (or staffing abilities) to mail a packet to each new visitor, but I do think that an intro packet should be available to everyone that walks in the door. The information doesn’t have to be in a folder, it doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be attractive. It can be a simple one-page document rolled up and tied with a ribbon like a scroll.

If you don’t have an intro packet I challenge you to try this for just 3 months. If you do have one, please share in the comments below what yours has, and how you use it.

Until next week…


P.S. If I get at least 10 comments below to create an intro-packet template I’ll create one, so spread this post and let me know if that’s a resource that you need.

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