Today kicks off a new Q&A video series called Bea Knows Best. Take a look and listen to Karolina’s common question.

Today I could not let the hour past without bringing Matt Damon’s recent stand for to light. I can’t even believe it hasn’t hit my radar until now. I had an exhausting day training one of my clients in wordpress. Not that wordpress is exhausting, it’s quite easy, but training someone on how to use it, depending on where they are in their business and their knowledge of such things, can mean you have a few, or a lot of details to cover. My client was awesome and an amazing notes taker but our time was so focused that when we finished I needed a break to unwind.

What I was looking for was something funny and releasing. I hopped on Youtube hoping to see some suggestions to make me laugh out loud. Instead, what I found was this video with Matt Damon and the “water” strike that he’s embarking on. It is so clever, so engaging, and a little bit funny, and NOT funny at the same time that in the end, I had to take action. I whipped out my wallet and made a difference. I don’t want to spoil the information in the video so I’ll just leave it to you to watch it. I hope you join me in spreading the word and taking action, whatever that means for you.

Let me know what you think below!

One of my clients called me, really feeling low and disappointed about where she is in her business. She was ready to do something DRASTIC that I believe would have just sunk her deeper. Hear what happened and how, by the time I told her what to focus on, she was happy and feeling confident in her business once again (and it didn’t cost her a dime!)

Start with what you know in business growth from Beatrice Johnston on Vimeo.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or have been established for several years there are three essentials every brand must have to make their mark. Learn them here and please give your feedback and input in the comments below.

Every year my best friend Michelle and husband Darren partake on an adventure we call the “Christmas Crawl”  – It’s a ritual where we browse all of New York City’s popular holiday windows beginning at Barney’s New York and then heading down Fifth Avenue until we get to Macy’s on 34th street. It’s fantastic. This year Barney’s kicked things off in the most AMAZING way.

Their theme for them this year was “Electric Holiday” and the video they created was beyond words. I couldn’t do it justice by just snapping a picture so I stayed for a second round and captured it for you on video here. If you’re not in New York, you’ll feel like you’re out side with me during this video. Enjoy.

As an entrepreneur I seem to see business in everything. My whole is holistic one. Yesterday at church we started a new series called Life Apps, and it’s all about how we can accumulate a LOT of knowledge and yet not apply any of it. Of course, since I was in church this was regarding the bible directly, but it really applies to anything in our lives.

The video below portrays how we have smart apps to assist us in our life in many ways. Very clever. It showed how we can have all the tools and resources we need at our fingertips and yet the final decision to act on what we know is up to us.

Can you relate? What actions do you need to take to move your brand forward? Share your comments below…

I had a great time this past week as a model for Iman Cosmetics and while I was there decided to pop my flip cam in the corner to capture what happens behind the scenes for you. You can learn more about this super makeup line at

This past Saturday I had the privilege of getting some amazing photos done with my friends by photographer Juliet Foster

She had a gap in her schedule, dresses, lighting and equipment. We showed up with makeup, shoes and happy faces. Here’s what we got:

Here’s a video of Becky’s shoot. I’ll be adding more;

I just returned from a Miami business/pleasure trip for 5 days and one of the highlights of my trip, Karen Fagan, was the week’s inspiration.

While we were there we posted some videos of Karen working out. She started indoors lifting weights and then took it out to the beach for a run. We posted the video on Facebook and it was all they (the attendees of the conference) could talk about for the whole week. Here’s why: Karen is one of those rare kick-butt beauties that not only has a brain on her head but also the compassion to share it.

She’s a life coach (such a weak description for what she really does) and knows exactly what it takes to help women feel empowered and act on it. Today she has a free group call where you can hear all about how to move forward more boldly in your life and she has a program launching next week to guide you through it step-by-step, week-by-week. She has limited spaces for the program so if you’re interested, act fast. Here all about it at:


Happy Labor Day! I rarely recommend videos but this new video that popped up on YouTube is so innovative it needs to be shared all over the web. WARNING: There is some profanity in the first few seconds, so I advise you to mute the sound before you play it, you don’t need the sound to enjoy the video anyway. I guarantee you, you haven’t seen anything like this before (unless you’re one of the millions of people that have already seen it in the past few days). Once you take a look and have your fun, come back here and let me know how you liked it!

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