big200x267This week I’m in Chicago to visit with family and also attend the launch of a new program with Believe Inspire Grow’s Chicago Chapter (BIG +PLUS). Being a faculty member of BIG and hailing from Chicago, there was no way I could miss this event.

We met today at the Harley Davidson in Lisle, Illinois. SO PERFECT. I no longer own a motorcycle so it was a joy and special treat to be surrounded by them for a day. It was raining and despite the fact there were still some students there taking lessons. It’s important to know how to ride in the rain (hey, that could make for a good article later) and even more special when two dozen women take over a motorcycle shop!

I was so inspired by the women in this room. I felt as if I was looking through a mirror. Women who had strong and lucrative corporate careers who gave it all up for the new life they wanted to live. For some of them this meant taking time off to have kids, and for others, it was pulling away to do their true passion.

BIG +PLUS is for the woman who wants to scale her business and grow it to or beyond the six-figure, $100,000 level. For some, having a part-time business is all they want, while others want to create an empire like me. We had 10 new women join the program and afterwards me and the other faculty members did some laser coaching for the new members. 

It was great. It was awesome. It was BIG!!!

If you’ve been looking to network with women in business check to see if BIG has a group near you. You just may be in luck, they have over 50 groups in 5 states!

Speak to you soon!


I find it fitting that today, Christmas Eve, I can be inspired, and inspire you, in a revolutionary way. You see, to me, Jesus was a revolutionary but it doesn’t stop there. We have soldiers all around us. Everyday soldiers that give their life for their fellow man, for a worthy cause, whether wearing a uniform or not. So today I’m honored to put my friend Rob Jelinski on your radar once again and introduce you to:

Revolutionary – The Project & Tour

Revolutionary is a visual monument to all who bled change! Using the worn fabric of authentic US military uniforms for pages, Rob Jelinski’s stark illustrations and clever wordplay will illuminate the heart of a soldier! A heart that is willing to bleed and die for the good of his fellow man! This one of a kind work will tour Brooklyn, Austin, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in Twenty Thirteen on The Sketchbook Project!

Share this experience with me.

Why this, why now? Well, other than the integrity that he holds as an artist, husband, dad and entrepreneur (who also works in branding and design, by the way) Rob hand picks every project he puts his energy into. For this project he chose 3 spots in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and held a photoshoot with photographer Roger Echauri! You have to see them to believe them (I shot in that area once, many moons ago, when I was modeling). These shots captured the cobblestones of Water Street, Empire – Fulton Ferry State Park, and the famed Brooklyn Bridge!

Ok, then as a bonus I also must tell you that Shayla (a musical artist that dominates my car CD player) and Rob’s twin brother, Joel Jelinski will be releasing digital soundtracks next month (or next year… hehe, if you like the feel of that). I got a sneak peak into Shayla’s song… OH MAN, Wish I could share it with you but you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

It’s a feel good… do good project all around, and isn’t that the joy of Christmas Day… or every day?

So what are you fighting for? What’s your cause? What are you a solider for?

Yesterday I proved to myself that being 42 does not mean that I can’t still party like it’s 1999. After hosting a live workshop on Building Brand Exposure where every seat in the room was filled, I went out eating and dancing with my friends.

When I first saw that the dates for my event and my friend Michelle’s birthday dinner party were on the same day I thought “yeah, how will that happen?” but then I rememberedread more

Good Morning!

I am happy to report that I survived National Entrepreneurship week (and it wasn’t easy). I knew going into it that I might be spreading myself this but boy-oh-boy, was it a whirlwind. The great thing is, it was worth every minute and expense. The week was “slightly” extended with me going to Chicago for a one-day event hosted by my former business coach Fabienne Fredrickson. Being from Chicago I felt that I MUST attend her event, especially because I also have many friends and colleagues in Chicago that I needed to move from “online” friends to “in real life” friends. It was great.

If you saw my Facebook page you read that I missed my flight to Chicago and in order to still make it there in time for the event had to book another flight, on another airline, on the spot. I wavered with this decision for about 10 minutes and then decided what I would miss out on would far outweigh the last-minute ticket, so I did it. From that moment, adrenaline carried me through. Have you ever had a day like that?

Now that I’ve regained my sanity I’m back to working on a few brands and for two of them I’m at my favorite part – the logo creation. You simply MUST know the type of logo you want going into it or your vision simply won’t be realized. I give you insight into that process below so that you can expand or tweak your brand with best practices in mind.

Until next week.

Good Morning!

It’s sad to say, but National Entrepreneurship week is over. I had a blast. This week found me checking into lots of events, meeting new friends and growing forward with old ones. I mostly attended events in New York and New Jersey and tomorrow I head to Chicago for one day to connect with my Client Service Manager and some dear colleagues of the Brand Excitement community at Fabienne’s tour (if you’ll be there please let me know so that I can look out for you).

Despite how busy my work load is I make sure to keep in close quarters with my community. They help me keep my finger on the ever changing pulse of business and keep me from doing business with blinders on.

I’m in constant update mode. I have a new video on the website (take a look on the home page at and I’ve even opened up my calendar to do 5 free brand strategy sessions. I hope you get a spot (if you didn’t get an invitation to apply, just let me know, I’ll send you one).

I’ve been monitoring the news a bit more than usual and it seems that there’s always a brand in crisis. Last year during this season it was Charlie Sheen. This year it’s the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. The more success you get, ultimately, the more vulnerable you become to brand crisis. That’s why you’ve got to have a crisis management plan (for the media, or that client who is going to flame you due to an unsatisfied experience).

Let me ask you… how many companies, large or small, do you think know how to respond to brand disasters? People are the most important asset for any brand, and what they do, while working for us, and in this day of transparency, even when they’re not, has a huge impact on our brand’s success or failure. Be sure your business has one, and when a crisis strikes you’ll keep your composure.

How was your week? What events or activities did you get involved in?

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