Today I could not let the hour past without bringing Matt Damon’s recent stand for to light. I can’t even believe it hasn’t hit my radar until now. I had an exhausting day training one of my clients in wordpress. Not that wordpress is exhausting, it’s quite easy, but training someone on how to use it, depending on where they are in their business and their knowledge of such things, can mean you have a few, or a lot of details to cover. My client was awesome and an amazing notes taker but our time was so focused that when we finished I needed a break to unwind.

What I was looking for was something funny and releasing. I hopped on Youtube hoping to see some suggestions to make me laugh out loud. Instead, what I found was this video with Matt Damon and the “water” strike that he’s embarking on. It is so clever, so engaging, and a little bit funny, and NOT funny at the same time that in the end, I had to take action. I whipped out my wallet and made a difference. I don’t want to spoil the information in the video so I’ll just leave it to you to watch it. I hope you join me in spreading the word and taking action, whatever that means for you.

Let me know what you think below!

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