Whenever I start working with a new client I create a private review area for them to access the suite of materials we are going to create together. It’s like a mini website portal for them to view and respond to things as we progress through the project. Of course, I know html, so it’s easy for me to create this specialized experience for them. I also use one to work with my assistants. They love it so much I’ve been on the lookout for something like this, available online, so that I can share it with you and help you extend a special brand experience. Well… I’ve found it. One of my clients has been using a software called ProofHub to manage her clients with great success, so I wanted to add this to your list of resources today.

Proofhub.com provides software for your project management and collaboration needs. With it you can set deadlines, mark important events, milestones or even put important meetings on the calendar.

Beyond that, for your team you can create to-do lists, add tasks, set priority and set deadlines. If your business is anything like mine, some projects can have multiple players so the feature that lets you assign people responsible to complete certain tasks, have them post comments with each task and have robust discussions will be helpful. Let me know how you like it if you try it, ok?

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