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Often one of the first things I do when a new client comes to me is to find out their online footprint by searching to see how much traffic they’re generating online. Usually they are new to tracking and measuring so they don’t have analytics installed in their system. The old way of doing SEO was to get you listed with a bunch of directories and leave the work to them. Well… we live in the content generation now, and you need resources and information in order to be found.

To get found you need a combination of great content and great partners. You need other sites that are vouching for you and linking to you, and you need people to stay on your site longer so that the search engines will consider your site a valuable resource.

A few years ago I found a great resources called Submit Edge. Since that time they’ve expanded their services and I think that it’s worthwhile for you to take a look. Be sure you’re showing up as much as possible online and that you are every where you want to be. Go to and take a look at which services might be right for you in where you are in your business now. I don’t get a commission or fee for telling you about this, I’m just spreading the word. It’s low cost and well worth it! They even have a cute little video explaining the whole process. Enjoy the boost.

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Comments ( 3 )

  • Jerri Shankler says:

    This is a good resource, thanks for sharing it. It’s exactly what I am working on now, getting my website up to par and then noticed. My theme for the year is: Let’s get Visible!”

  • cheryl says:

    You are right It is a great website. Thank you for sharing!

  • Chris says:

    This is a great resource. More importantly, I’m glad you referred it because I would not look at them if you had not referred them and said that you have used them. That makes all the difference in the world to me.

    I am currently in the process of “grouping” all of my websites together

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