Introducing Booster Shots
Getting The Right Things Done Right Away  

"Are You Ready to Get The Money Making Tasks on Your To Do List DONE?"

What is it?

In short: Filling in the gap between a Virtual Assistant and Going It Alone

For the past few years weve been working with our clients to help them build an amazing brand from the ground up. Weve helped them with their naming, logos, websites, marketing plans, events, products and even the protocols and brand experiences that help them succeed. The relationship has always lingered. From time-to-time they need a bit of help. They need a boost. As it turns out, every month they needed a boost in some way and so weve been silently servicing them ala carte to keep them going and to keep them rising.

We never considered opening up this service to the general market because frankly, it just didn't occur to us. It dawned on me (Beatrice) one day recently as I did my end of year evaluation and realized our clients stuck with us and that the one-off work we started doing for them ended up being an ongoing thing. They built their brand and then they needed ongoing support. There were consistently things that they needed to take off their plate. And those things changed from month to month and season to season.

As I did the evaluation I realized most of these things were to technical for most people to want to do in the first place. And some of them were so small that it didnt make sense for our clients to hire a virtual assistant at $1500+ per month when all they needed was something as simple as having their newsletter sent out every week.

Booster Shots was born but it wasnt really on the books in an official way. Until now.

So, Booster Shots are for you if you cant quite justify the expense of a full-blown virtual assistant yet you know there are things that need to be happening every week or so to keep your pipeline flowing. The commitment starts with just three months, because we need to get to know your brand and find your sweet spot, but after that, its a month-to-month thing. We understand that your business is always evolving, and we like it when a commitment is on a lets see how this love affair pans out kinda ride. So, first, the investment. There's one tier, one program, and it's $297/month for 4 tasks. Simple. Basic. Doable.

There are no hourly fees. No project management system to get to know. You dont have to worry about where to start or what to do. We can even take care of that for you and tell you what you should be doing and where the gaps lay. Then we fill those gaps and move on to the next things until youre a solid and well-oiled brand darling. And the best thing is, were right here in the U.S. working from our office. We haven't put anything on the list that we don't handle right here in-house.

Our goal is to keep you rising so that in time you reach the profit margins you want that will allow you to go out and hire that Virtual Assistant or Part-Time team member. That tips the scales of small business in a BIG way. So by now you're probably asking what it is, what it isn't, how it works.

4 TASKS For Just $297/Month!

Here's what you need to know:

What it is:

If youve been short on time and letting things fall through the cracks because you dont want to make the wrong techie mistake or couldnt afford a virtual assistant, youre going to love the task list below. Its not completely comprehensive, but this should give you a good idea of what we have in store:

Distributing your weekly/monthly newsletter (Blast emails to your list)
Updating/maintaining your website/blog
Installing Google Analytics and/or tracking website statistics
Setting up your free report/opt-in on the website
Setting up email autoresponders for relationship development
Setting up teleseminars (Bridge lines, setting up recording, confirmations)
Installing a simple wordpress theme or templates (does not include Genesis Framework and child themes)
Designing forms for use internally or with clients/customers
Creating weekly/monthly reports to track brand growth
Submitting articles to ezine directories and article sites
Creating and monitoring Facebook ads
Formatting ebooks and creating PDF files
Designing/updating powerpoint presentations for speaking engagements and webinars
Designing/updating word documents such as special reports, worksheets and checklists
Designing/updating powerpoint presentations for speaking engagements and webinars
Develop images to support social media content
Designing/updating powerpoint presentations for speaking engagements and webinars
Liaise with printers, web designers, meeting planners with brand assets (logo, etc) for events
Prepare paper newsletter/flyers
Graphic design for new brand products and services
Paypal shopping cart/subscription button setup
Media Page management (update with photos, video, events, etc)
Eventbrite online ticketing setup
Basic Video Cropping/Captioning
Ebook Covers, bundles and graphics

4 TASKS For Just $297/Month!

"I own an academy in Seattle, Washington and I was very fortunate to find Beatrice Johnston and her fabulous business Brand Excitement. I was trying to do things on my own and I found out I was wrong.

Beatrice seamlessly took my ideas and was able to come up with something that was "spot on" perfect for my academy. I'm very excited! She's able to give a brand that fits with your company and where you'd like it to go."

Becky Blake,

What it is NOT:

Straight out the gate let me tell you, Booster Shots is not a group networking or coaching type of thing. You wont be hopping on monthly mastermind calls or getting weekly recordings telling you what you should be doing or how to do it. There are some tasks we wont be doing, because as we said before, Booster Shots is about implementation. Getting the right things done right away. Heres what it doesnt include:

Appointment setting/reminding
Phone calls/reception
Coordinating air travel/hotels, etc.
Order fulfillment/info product packaging
Transcription services from audio, video or notes
Debt collection for delinquent accounts
Payment processing/payroll fulfillment
Personal services
Retail packaging and design

4 TASKS For Just $297/Month!

How It Works:

Once your payment is confirmed well forward you a client profile form. This is how we get to know you and your needs. You'll send that back to us and well give you a call and find out what your upcoming priorities are and get a sense of the goals you have set. Together we outline your tasks, set a deadline to have them completed and then me and my team get started implementing and completing the tasks. The time frame can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on what you need, and what we need from you before we begin.

Your Booster Shots automatically renew after 30 days, and the cycle repeats until youre a superstar or a brighter, shinier superstar.

"I've been working with Brand Excitement for over two years now. Before I didn't know how to get any type of visibility in the industry. Now that I've been working with Brand Excitement, I have a great website and a lot of visibility! I have a lot of calls coming in now, because I'm seen on the internet and in social media!"

Bernard Hendricks, Unlimited Cleaning

"She was very excited for me and for my business, which sparked my excitement and made me feel very confident about what I was doing. She set me up with some tools to help me get business and helps her clients out a great deal."

Emily Lester Cahnmann,

4 TASKS For Just $297/Month!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What email systems do you support:

We currently support Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart, iContact, GetResponse, Vertical Response and Epsilon

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we always stand behind our work. See below for details.

How will I be billed?

Booster Shot Tiers are billed automatically each month. It works like a subscription. We use Paypal so you can use any of your credit cards in your Paypal account. If you don't have a Paypal account, or prefer not to use their service just give us a call and well handle your transaction with our merchant provider directly.

What software systems and platforms do you work with?

We work with mac and pcs platforms and have too much skill to list on a single web page, so call and ask. The short list is: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Instant Teleseminar, Audacity, Audio Acrobat, iMovie, Vimeo, InDesign, Quark, tons of email programs, and more.

I already work with a virtual assistant, why would I need this?

Most Virtual Assistants have limited knowledge when it comes to brand development, graphic design and the back end coding that helps you run your business online. Branding is a comprehensive engine that keeps these things consistent, so we can work in tandem with your virtual assistant to help you put a polished and stellar brand identity forward. Also, most virtual assistants charge by the hour so we can take some of those graphic intensive tasks that take them hours do to and wrap them up in a few simple tasks.

How Long Does It Take To Get Set Up?

Once we've had a chat about your requirements, and outlined your tasks, we can generally add you to the production schedule within 24 hours. The only requirement on your end is to give us any assets (logo, copy, ideas) that you have on hand, and the deadlines we need to meet, so that we can give you the results that you want. This is a partnership. Its not like a drive-through window. Our work is custom, not one size fits all.

How Do I Know Youre Any Good?

Google us. Google doesnt lie. If you dont like Google because theyre taking over the world then just hop over to our social media pages and visit our community, or visit the testimonials page and see what others have to say. Weve distributed less than a handful of refunds since starting our business three years ago. Were not perfect, but we take pride in what we do and promise not to hold you hostage.

What if I need more than 4 tasks each month?

Weve considered that. You might need a double-shot every now and then, as they say at Starbucks. If thats the case, give us a call and well see what we can do. We know that we can only take on a certain number of Booster Shot clients and service them well, but everythings negotiable right? What we do know is that we wont be double-shotting all over ourselves. That gets messy, and we want to get things done quick and painlessly.

4 TASKS For Just $297/Month!

"Her ability to design and implement new strategies effortlessly and turn it around quickly was a breath of fresh air.

And as a result, my business' online presence is exactly what i wanted. Traffic to my website has increased significantly and the processes and tools created and implemented has allowed productivity for my business to increase nearly 50%."

Michelle Ashley,

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Bea for many years. I've watched her grow as a Graphic Designer, all the way up to a Web Site Developer. I cannot tell you how impressed my clients are with what she's done for us. I think you'd be very pleased. See what she can do for you!"

Deborah Weiner,

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4 TASKS For Just $297/Month!

Money Back Guarantee

100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

We always stand behind our work. Relationships where youre forced to cooperate are no fun at all. If our work doesnt meet your satisfaction you can cancel the program and get a refund for any alloted tasks not completed for the month.

Be sure to take a look at our portfolio of work to view or design style so there will be no surprises, and so that we save each other a lot of wasted time and effort.

P.S: There are a few thousand people in the Brand Excitement community and we can only accept a limited number of clients in this program. Act Fast to reserve your spot!

- Beatrice

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