big200x267This week I’m in Chicago to visit with family and also attend the launch of a new program with Believe Inspire Grow’s Chicago Chapter (BIG +PLUS). Being a faculty member of BIG and hailing from Chicago, there was no way I could miss this event.

We met today at the Harley Davidson in Lisle, Illinois. SO PERFECT. I no longer own a motorcycle so it was a joy and special treat to be surrounded by them for a day. It was raining and despite the fact there were still some students there taking lessons. It’s important to know how to ride in the rain (hey, that could make for a good article later) and even more special when two dozen women take over a motorcycle shop!

I was so inspired by the women in this room. I felt as if I was looking through a mirror. Women who had strong and lucrative corporate careers who gave it all up for the new life they wanted to live. For some of them this meant taking time off to have kids, and for others, it was pulling away to do their true passion.

BIG +PLUS is for the woman who wants to scale her business and grow it to or beyond the six-figure, $100,000 level. For some, having a part-time business is all they want, while others want to create an empire like me. We had 10 new women join the program and afterwards me and the other faculty members did some laser coaching for the new members. 

It was great. It was awesome. It was BIG!!!

If you’ve been looking to network with women in business check to see if BIG has a group near you. You just may be in luck, they have over 50 groups in 5 states!

Speak to you soon!


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