About Us

Brand Excitement exists to help its clients expand to new audiences, improve their engagement and retain relationships. As client partners, we become a key resource in brand positioning, ambassadorship and education so that the right resources reach the right people in plenty of time for action. It’s a movement.

Brand Excitement launched in 2010 in the New York City to a waiting list of clients and since become known for taking client programs and products From Invisible To In Demand. We became so good at it that we developed the FIT-ID Score, an assessment that measures the gaps and growth opportunities for your brand. Our core clientele includes entrepreneurs, educators and edtech startups. Why? Their impact is immediate and lasting. We focus on three core components of brand growth to reach unrivaled results for our clients: attraction, engagement and retention.

10k_sb_alumniThough our mainstay offices are in the New York city metro area our clients span the United States and Canada. In addition, we’ve been featured and quoted in O, The Oprah Magazine, Inc. magazine, Fox 5 news and has won awards sponsored by local and global leaders such as American Express and Rising Tide Capital. We’re also scholars from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

Leadership Team

Beatrice Perkins

Beatrice Perkins, Director

Beatrice Perkins
Marketing Director

Beatrice Perkins has 10 years of experience creating and supporting B-to-B brands. She has beat the odds and raised the stakes numerous times in life and business and now champions her clients to do the same. She hones strategy, design and coding skills, making her the prime candidate to manage brand launches, rebrands and enterprise-level campaign strategies. Brand reputation, visibility, and education are her forte.

Fun fact: She’s a vegan, bicycle riding, midwesterner who makes friends on New York subways!

debra angeletti

Debra Angeletti, CFO

Debra Angilletti

Debra is responsible for maximizing the return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems. She ensures legal and regulatory compliance for all accounting and financial reporting functions and also consults our clients towards profitability. For clients in the $1M-$10M range she oversees pricing, internal operations, general accounting, accounts receivable/collection and payroll and risk management.

Brian McGee
Digital Experiences & Analytics

Brian has over a decade of experience with digital strategy, analytics and marketing technology solutions. He also has all of the relevant certifications to make him a rock star (and he’s won awards to prove it). As analytics lead he directs strategic engagement, optimization, governance, personalization and launch strategy.

True insight: he’s logged more airline miles that anyone else on the team.

David Hawkins, Developer

David Hawkins, Developer

Dave Hawkins, Developer

David is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience in addition to being an avid artist extraordinaire.  On client projects he can creates code, apps, customizations and experiences and is on a mission to can use his knowledge to make the world a better place through the lifetime marriage of art and technology.

Also known as: Photographer. Musician. Cinematographer. Published Author. Director

Michele Cappello, Graphic Designer

Michele Cappello, Graphic Designer

Michele Cappello, Graphic Designer

With 15 years experience as graphic designer/presentation specialist Michele has a wide range of skills across the MS Office suite and the Adobe Creative Suite. She has extensive experience branding and refining client assets in a wide variety of formats, in particular with communications materials for prospecting.

Side note: She is an outstanding dancer.


Ciara Clark, Senior Client Services Manager

Ciara Clark, Senior Client Services Manager

Ciara Clark, Senior Client Services Manager

Ciara is the glue that holds this place together. Whether it’s scheduling, customer service, file formats, brand research or process documents, life can’t exist without her. From time to time we even let our clients “borrow her.”

Jennifer Detar, Admin

Jennifer Detar, Admin

Jennifer Detar, Bookkeeper

Jen makes sure we’re able to keep the doors open and continue to serve our clients and she does it all virtually. She broke us from bad habits and keeps us up to date on the latest trends, opportunities, savings and protocols. Invoices typically come through her, and she makes sure we’re protected on the interweb of things.



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