Yesterday I proved to myself that being 42 does not mean that I can’t still party like it’s 1999. After hosting a live workshop on Building Brand Exposure where every seat in the room was filled, I went out eating and dancing with my friends.

When I first saw that the dates for my event and my friend Michelle’s birthday dinner party were on the same day I thought “yeah, how will that happen?” but then I remembered how fun it would be to actually run a workshop and then shake off all of that hard work while eating delicious cuban food. It was divine. The live band was really loud so I had to speak really loud so this morning Darren said I have “sexy voice” lol.

I had a good time from sun up to sun down and now I’m just thinking of the next opportunity when I’ll be able to do it again!

At the workshop local business owners gathered to learn the strategies and tips that have helped me grow my business in the past two years. I’ve been speaking all around the tri-state area but this summer I realized it would be a lot more fun to speak about exactly what I wanted to speak about and so I hosted my own event. AWESOME!
Whether you are a speaker at a workshop or seminar or just communicating to a new colleague one on one, how you communicate what you know speaks volumes and converts to clients.

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