Have you ever had a thought that you believed was just brilliant, immediately followed by the thought that you are “probably not the only one that thought of it?”

This exact thing happened to me just a few minutes ago. As I was on the train with Darren thinking of ways to serve more people and give them a bigger BANG for their buck I thought of creating a brainstorming session… and just as I was thinking “brainstorm” I thought, oh, yes, BRANDSTORM!! That’s the ticket.

I hopped online super quick (I had to wait until the train arrived in the station because there is no wireless service underground, to see if anyone else ever had this same epiphany. Well, yes, they did. There’s a website www.brandstorming.com, and well as many, many other companies involved in branding that use this term.

DARN!! Another one bites the dust. For a moment, I considered just going with it, because it’s a super cool name, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time, do you? But upon further thought, I realized this just would not work. Another company had the insight and speed of execution (something I talk about in the Brand Excitement System) to coin this term. I love it. Love them. Wish them the best of success. Wish I thought of it way before today but I didn’t so it wasn’t meant for me.

Have you ever encountered the same? I imagine everyone has, and maybe it’s just not meant for you. So God is telling me to keep at it, move ahead, and wait to capture the original description. Can I still move forward with this service? yes, absolutely. Will it lose affect because of the name? No, not much. Will I be able to think of an equally amazing, original description? As Carrie Bradshaw would say “Abso-freakin-lutely!”

Stay tuned, and be sure to read the details of this program in tomorrow’s ezine 🙂

(so I’m dying to hear you share your million-dollar-already-taken ideas below, comments please)

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