I find it fitting that today, Christmas Eve, I can be inspired, and inspire you, in a revolutionary way. You see, to me, Jesus was a revolutionary but it doesn’t stop there. We have soldiers all around us. Everyday soldiers that give their life for their fellow man, for a worthy cause, whether wearing a uniform or not. So today I’m honored to put my friend Rob Jelinski on your radar once again and introduce you to:

Revolutionary – The Project & Tour

Revolutionary is a visual monument to all who bled change! Using the worn fabric of authentic US military uniforms for pages, Rob Jelinski’s stark illustrations and clever wordplay will illuminate the heart of a soldier! A heart that is willing to bleed and die for the good of his fellow man! This one of a kind work will tour Brooklyn, Austin, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in Twenty Thirteen on The Sketchbook Project!

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Why this, why now? Well, other than the integrity that he holds as an artist, husband, dad and entrepreneur (who also works in branding and design, by the way) Rob hand picks every project he puts his energy into. For this project he chose 3 spots in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and held a photoshoot with photographer Roger Echauri! You have to see them to believe them (I shot in that area once, many moons ago, when I was modeling). These shots captured the cobblestones of Water Street, Empire – Fulton Ferry State Park, and the famed Brooklyn Bridge!

Ok, then as a bonus I also must tell you that Shayla (a musical artist that dominates my car CD player) and Rob’s twin brother, Joel Jelinski will be releasing digital soundtracks next month (or next year… hehe, if you like the feel of that). I got a sneak peak into Shayla’s song… OH MAN, Wish I could share it with you but you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

It’s a feel good… do good project all around, and isn’t that the joy of Christmas Day… or every day?

So what are you fighting for? What’s your cause? What are you a solider for?

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