Bernard Hendricks came to Brand Excitement because his business was struggling to get clients. Unlimited Cleaning, a business he sold a few years later as part of a planned exit strategy, was a word of mouth business that had great potential but few clients.

We started by creating a true visual identity for him. His website had been built on a free template by Godaddy, something that most entrepreneurs think is a good idea but in the end it makes you look like a cookie-cutter business and it limits your visibility and opportunity.

We did visual brand identity, build an online marketing strategy and then created social media posts and managed his Facebook page for several months. The visibility this strategy built helped him get more clients, and bigger clients such as Diesel apparel, and helped him to hire more people and grow the business.

On that success he was able to find buyers for the business and sell it as intended. See the design work we did below, and if you need to build your brand for an exit strategy be sure to consider the brand identity and strategy essentials we used for Bernard.

Unlimited Cleaning Site Thumbnail

Above is the website we created for Bernard. For Before/after shots give us a holler.

This business card represents the logo we created for Unlimited Cleaning, seamlessly connecting the U and C from the name, and the color scheme and clean concept that represented the brand persona.

We love our clients! We are proud that we were able to work with Bernard and assist in his business growth and are honored to celebrate him and that work for our 7th anniversary series.

Here’s a fun task. The next time you’re in front of the TV count how many brand marks you recognize. You’ll be surprised. A brand mark a design, symbol or picture that is part of a brand. Sometimes it can be the logo itself, and sometimes it’s just one element of a logo. Think of the Swoosh that Nike uses… the Y! in the Yahoo logo or the WB for the Warner Brothers logo.

Brand Marks are a great way to reinforce your brand and to give a visual “nickname” to it as well. A There are four types of brand marks that you can use for your identity. Let’s see which one is best for you:

1) The Abstract Mark. Abstract marks are great when a company is going to have many divisions or levels of service. A great example of this is Microsoft. Their abstract service mark can easily be used on all their products and adjusted across many divisions to represent the brand. An abstract mark is also great for service based businesses because as the types of services change, or even as the name changes, the mark can remain intact.

2) The Letterform Mark. When just one letter of a brand is used it’s provides great distinction and remembrance. Perhaps the most recognized letterform mark is the McDonald’s “M.” It is recognized globally, in all languages and countries. Letterform marks are effective in signage, such as the “S” to identify a Sheraton hotel.

3) The Pictorial Mark. You know I love Godiva. I don’t eat sugar or milk anymore, but I can still indulge in the brand with their chocolate coffee. The Godiva company uses a pictorial of Lady Godiva naked on a horse. I love the rebellion of it, and also how they can make a naked lady on a horse a classy thing. Their brand is elegant, exquisite and luxurious. A pictorial mark is great in communicating an experience and I think indulgence hits the mark with this one.

4) The Wordmark. The wordmark uses typography to spell out the name of the brand. I’ll use Google as an example. Google uses a wordmark for their brand, as does Kellogg’s cereals. Their marks leave nothing to the imagination. You can use a wordmark to spell out an entire name, or use it for an acronym or association (like the MBA).

Brandmarks are an essential part of your brand communication and signaling and provide a fun and simple way to be remembered. Though these 4 types are effective, a combination of them can be used as well, so don’t feel pigeon-holed if you want to step out of the box.

As you build your brand signals make sure you’re not forgetting essential elements. Also, make sure the designer that you choose knows the “real estate” you should use within your logo. By doing so you save money on the front end and can keep the momentum for you brand going.

Smart branding is branding right the first time and making sure the essentials are in place even before you know you need them? We can help you along the way.

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