If your online marketing material conjures up an image in your mind that just doesn’t fit who you are, it’s time to reevaluate. It’s likely that you’ve been trying to model your approach after someone else and you haven’t given your peeps the benefit of knowing you, learning your approach, discovering your ideas or connecting with your personality.

So, what’s the solution?

The easiest (and most sustaining) one is to be yourself and let your personality show through. For instance, if you are writing a blog entry as the rain is strongly pounding at your window and it is “a bit chilly outside” share that. When you pull the curtain back your image will be your own, not one you have crafted that will change from day to day depending upon the influence of others.

Many people talk about branding online. The basic principles of branding are to decide on the reputation you wish to deliver and what message you want to drive home.
While some people could write a book on how to brand your business, there are really only a handful of factors to consider – your reputation, your mission and your promise. The purpose of a brand is to craft something that will stick in the minds of people and help them to remember your business.

Creating and building a strong brand does not mean you have to compromise your true personality. In the world of business, retaining your personality and your identity will take you far and help you stand out in branding your business. You’ll be much happier with the long-term effects of your business growth if you don’t try to be someone you are not. Be yourself and have fun.

Have you ever found yourself straying off of your authentic path? We all have. How’d you redirect and refocus? I’d love to hear your comments below:

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  • Katie says:

    Bea, I totally love this article. It’s so true about modeling and not using your true voice and personality when marketing your business. I think when we first start out, some of us use “modeling” to get our feet wet.

    Business is no fun unless we can make it our own and be who we really are. You are such an authentic, amazing woman and business owner, Bea. We should all strive to brand ourselves the way you have.

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