magic-2-1120375-mThe new tools of online marketing present a tricky subtext when creating or managing a brand. Often I have conversations with friends and colleagues about whether social media is good or bad… used or abused…

Historically, BIG brands were the only ones to be able to manufacture what you think and perceive about their company, employees and community but now with the onslaught of social media, video and myriads of platforms available manufactured perception is now in the hands of all.

Creating the persona that everyone wants to be, see and connect with is at the root of a very dangerous force. There’s something that is driving a falsehood about your self worth being strongly connected with your life activity. I’ve watched as people commit to being really busy so that they can feel validated and valued.

In developing a brand one of the exercises we complete with our clients is to establish core values. Every brand has them. Every brand needs them. Establishing your brand values helps you to stay on track and can prevent you from falling into the trap of manufactured perception.

Here’s something to consider:

Your value doesn’t lay in the number of fans you have on Facebook.

It doesn’t matter that you follow more people on Twitter than follows you.

It doesn’t require that you stay in a constant cycle of impressing people.

It allows you to be content with where you WANT to be, as you work towards being more of that. And it doesn’t have to be driven by social chaos.

Take a step back and consider what holds true for you. Share your insight in the comments below.


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